Amazing experience in Ireland

What’s up guys!

In this blog I’m writing about my short birthday trip in Ireland which took me 5 days. One fine early November morning I woke up and thought about what I was going to do for my birthday (which was going to be one month later, the 3rd of December), so I got out of bed, turned on my PC and searching for cheap tickets. And what do you think, cheap airlines, such as “Ryanair” or “Wizzair” had incredibly cheap flights before the holiday season from my home city-Vilnius. I always wanted to see the cliffs and get to know more about Irish culture. So, as you’ve already understood- cheap tickets plus excitement equals a trip to Ireland, land full of “Guinness” beer and unique nature.


So my first day started on my birthday, I was already in the Dublin airport looking for a bus which would bring me to the city center (where I’ve booked my hostel). I should say that transportation-wise, the city and the airport are well-connected, as every 15 minutes there was a bus to the Town and price was around 3eur. Getting around and finding places in Dublin wasn’t hard too.


After checking in the Hostel I went directly to the Tourist center where I booked tours for the next two days to “The Cliffs of Moher” and “The Giant’s Causeway” which was in Northern Ireland. Prices weren’t so cheap this time, a one day tour cost around 100eur, which was a surprise, because only the bus ride, museum tickets and a guide were included in the price. Yes, that’s all. Ridiculous, isn’t it? While on the topic of prices, Ireland is not the cheapest country: 2 pints of beer, a bottle of water, snacks and food my journeys (a salad and a sandwich) cost me 10eur in a supermarket, and a beer in a bar/pub cost me around 6eur. At least four nights in a hostel cost me around 40eur (breakfast included).


After that I went to explore Dublin and found a new friend to celebrate my birthday with. It was my first trip when I traveled alone so it was a new experience for me, and I should add that Ireland was a great choice because people here are really friendly and curious, at least in Dublin. So If you come to Dublin you should definitely visit “Trinity College and College Green”, “Grafton Street”, “Temple Bar”, “Phoenix Park”, “St. Stephen’s Green” and “Guinness Storehouse” (which I hadn’t visited but wanted to). Everything is near to each other in the old town so I think you will find everything easily, especially when you get a tourist map.


Talk about finding friends- you can do that easily in Pubs which is also popular to Visit in Ireland. Good beer, friendly people all around and a lovely atmosphere- you will find this and much more in every pub in Dublin. That’s how I met my new friends from Ireland, Spain, Scandinavia, Italy and UK. Irish people are crazy about pubs, they have quite a variety of them, the most exciting of which is an old church remade into a pub. Sounds strange, right? For the Irish, however, it’s normal to make a bar inside of church. Also, when you are in Dublin, don’t forget go to see a show of traditional Irish Step Dancing (River dance), it looked really nice.




Next day after my pub experience it was really hard to wake up early, but the excitement of the trip to the cliffs was stronger than the hangover. I took a cold shower, prepared the food for the trip and went to the place where the bus was waiting for me. On my way to Cliffs of Moher the coach stopped in a nice town of Limerick where you can see a huge castle built near a big river.


So, a 3 hour trip from Dublin and here they are, the legendary Cliffs of Moher. When you are there looking at those cliffs you start understand that Mother Nature is the best Architect in the world. And When you are looking down from them, seeing how the waves from the Atlantic ocean are hitting the edges you understand that Nature is the most powerful person in the world. However, I would not recommend visiting this place for people with a fear of heights. If you are tired of the routine and casual life, this is a good to visit and to think about your life, to make conclusions and plans for future.


So after cliffs we went to see some other local places, such as some chocolate stores and castles. Oh, right… good that I remembered! Talk about castles- Ireland is full of them. Every 10km on the road you will see some lord’s house or ruins of old castles. And all of them look similar just in different places.


As for nature, I should say that there are a lot of hills and rocks, and an overall mix of green and grey colors. The weather tends to be unstable, it changes every 5 minutes. At one time, I felt rain, sunshine and a hailstorm- all in a span of 20 minutes, accompanied by a lovely view of the rainbow.


So, after the trip ending it was time to sleep and get more energy for next day’s trip. Next day I moved to North, to visit Belfast- the capital of Northern Ireland and Giant’s Causeway where one of the most popular TV series was filmed- Game of Thrones. So, what I can say about Belfast? Only that an hour should be enough to see the main landmarks such as the city square and some museums, unfortunately that’s all. By the way, if you are willing to buy some souvenirs, keep in mind that Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom, therefore, the currency is the British pound.


After exploring Belfast, I, along with a group of tourists went to  Giant’s Causeway which was also an interesting experience, because at that moment I was trying to understand how Mother Nature shaped those stones into hexagons from a scientific point of view, but I am traveler, I don’t analyze too much, I take pleasure in what I see.


After that I went back to Dublin to prepare for my journey to go back to Lithuania, and our bus driver prepared a surprise- he stopped in famous place, named The Causeway Coast. That was a magnificent huge castell on top of the cliff and shouldn’t be bypassed.


So yeah… come back to topic, I should say it was a great journey, I met so many nice people, I got to know many thing about Irish and Celtic cultures, and during those days I spend a lot of money. Food, pubs, hostel, tours, souvenirs and flight tickets from Vilnius cost me around 500eur. If you would like to travel here be ready to visit many castles and places with amazing nature which you can’t see anywhere in the world.


Good luck, and have nice trip, dear reader!

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