Iceland diary

Hey there! This short blog will be about my short and cheap adventures in Iceland. Usually when we talk about Iceland or other Scandinavian countries, we think how expensive they are. Well, I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with that. Comparing to other countries in Europe, it is very expensive to live there, but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to travel there with a small amount of money. Definitely possible! This time prepare yourself to discover how it is possible to go on a budget trip in Iceland – The Land of Ice and Fire.
So my story started with an idea to travel to Iran. But just as much, I wanted to travel to the USA as well. The thing is that if you visit Iran, afterwards you have to claim a VISA in order to be allowed into the USA. Fortunately for me, citizens of Lithuania do not need it. But for that moment I didn’t have a lot of money and time to do a road trip around the US, that is why my friend and I found an interesting country in the middle of the countries mentioned previously. And that was Iceland, just as amazing and mysterious, full of interesting things created by nature. With the cheap “WizzAir” airlines we found budget tickets to Reykjavik and back for 70 euro from Vilnius.

At the beginning my friend Julius and I thought that November is the worst time to travel there for many reasons – like cold weather and short days. And guess what? We were wrong! When we went out from Reykjavik airport the weather was warmer than in my home country. If you know how to manage your time, I think there will be no trouble to plan your time when to travel and when to explore, even when sunrise comes late and sunset early. For four days we rented a“Hyundai” car which cost us 200 euro. Thanks to the car, we managed to explore more places than we expected.
Our first stop was “Blue Lagoon” famous for its healthy water full of minerals. The interesting thing about the place is that it was made by locals. They built a huge factory which pumps hot water from the ground. Well, as the entrance fee was around 30 euro, we decided not to go in, but to continue on our road to geysers and waterfalls.

So, you are probably thinking right now, what is the impression to see a geyser for the first time in your life? My answer is – really interesting. As it looks like some special machine in underground do all these shootings. But wait a minute – it is not mashine, it is NATURE! In my life I saw many waterfalls but in Iceland they are more wild than anywhere else. And I don’t know why, maybe it because of nature that surrounds it…. So yee… Darkness comes fast in Iceland, that is why we moved to the capital to take some rest.

Reykjavik – biggest city in Iceland reminds me biggest of village in Lithuania (like Šiauliai for example). The same toy wooden houses and slowly moving lifestyle. People here are not in a hurry anywhere. They just enjoy their lives and having fun. Icelanders are very friendly, kind and helpful. Biggest impression in this city left us the cathedral church “Hallgrímskirkja”. Churches design looks like it made from Icelanding caves which was created by volcanoes and atlantic ocean.

At morning, when we just woke up (around 8 am), after breakfast we continued our journey to Icebergs and glaciers. And of corse as in Iceland it is usual thing, on the road we met “Seljalandsfoss” and “Skogafoss” waterfalls. Well, as in my country we don’t have many of them, that’s why they wer looking gorgeous, especially when you look on them from down to up. But that day, biggest impression left us “Dyrholaey”, “Reynisf jara” cliffs and “Reynisdrangar” beach. Here you can feel like you are on another planet. Black sand beaches and mysterious cliffs make this island special. After such views you start to starve, that’s why we continued our trip and on our way we were searching for the place to eat. Well, as much as we were eating in restaurants and fast food places during those days, we made statistics that average price for lunch you gonna pay is around 25 euro. So be ready pay a lot for the food.

Darkness came fast, we even did not see any glaciers when we passed them. In Iceland at November day starts around 9 am and is over at 3-4 pm. In the middle of evening we found some hostel in some willige and went to sleep. All those nights we wer sleeping in different 4 hotels, and as it was not tourist season with owners we bargain for cheaper price (average 30 eur per night for person).

As I know it that Iceland is expensive country when we were in Lithuania preparing ourselves to this trip, therefore I bought some macaronis with rice and canned food. In this point I guess you know what we had for breakfast next morning. After breakfast our destination were glaciers which we passed last night. Well guys – when you are at the top of them, it is an amazing feeling. Amazing! As I have never seen such pieces of ice, big as 20 levels house. Here you can feel how small actually you are compared to the mother nature. But the sad thing is of global warming, those icebergs are slowly disappearing and melting into the ocean.

Well, but not all of pieces of ice are accepted by the ocean. When we went to our other destination to the west, we saw many pieces of ice on the beach. We stopped to make selfies and make sure that it was real pieces of ice. I never saw such a view – black sand beach with pieces of ice big as myself.

So before coming back to capital – Reykjavik, our last destination was “Kirkjufell” mountain. Actually here I dont have a lot to say. I was even disappointed, as I have realised that most of pictures I saw of that hill – it was photoshop edited. In real life, it’s just mountain, pretty much like any other mountain, not so special. O maybe I already saw so many things in Iceland that this one wasn’t so special already.

Last night of our trip we spent our time in a nice hostel for 30 euro per person, eating wale stake which had taste of beef for 50 eur, and got drunk drinking local disgusting vodka “Reyka”. So all our journey per person with fly tickets cost each of us around 500 eur. Is it cheap or expensive it is your decision. But for all impressions and views which we saw i think it is cheap. So I recommend you visit this amazing island and write as well some blog or do vlog. Cheers guys! Don’t forget comment this blog!

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