My Story

My first journey started when I was 3 . Me and my parents went to Ukraine to visit father’s family. After Soviet Union’s collapse , borders became a big problem , we had lots of struggle with visas but even that didn’t stop us . I perfectly remember those sleepless nights in train like it was yesterday. Listening to the sounds train was making , watching through the window and thinking how big our World is ?! And let me tell you … that I am still doing this! There is no better feeling for me than being on the road and seeing all the time changing landscapes , understanding that with every new place a new life and adventures await me. Thanks to European Union borders are gone and till present day I have visited almost entire Europe. After unlocking my achievement that I have visited all the European countries the next big step will be VISITING EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD !!! Wish me luck , stay tuned and enjoy reading my blogs . Ciau!.

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  1. ceayr says:

    As you say, it is a big world.
    Good luck seeing it!


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